You’re sitting at a red light, minding your own business when a drunk driver rear ends you – hard.  Your head snaps, you have searing pain in your neck and your hand goes numb.  You’re sitting in your car waiting for an ambulance, and you feel like you can’t move.  You’re terrified and praying that you are not paralyzed. You have now joined the multitude of people who are rear-ended every day.

Thank heaven you aren’t paralyzed, but you are badly hurt.  You can’t work and the medical bills (and stress they cause) are piling up.  You need neck surgery to stabilize your neck and to help reduce the pain.  You’re worried that you’ll never work again and that you’ll be financially ruined.

You understand that you need a personal injury attorney.  You need your bills covered, your lost wages reimbursed and you feel entitled to something for the physical and emotional torment that the drunk driver has put you through.  After all, your life was fine until you fell victim to someone else’s carelessness.

The bills roll in, and your own Personal Injury Protection insurance pays up to $10,000.  What about the other $200,000 in medical bills and lost wages, to say nothing about the agony and distress this has caused you?

So you contact an AV-Rated (preeminent) personal injury attorney.  The attorney quickly determines that the other driver had no bodily injury insurance that would pay for your losses.  You’re shocked to learn that Florida doesn’t require bodily injury insurance.  You also learn that a significant number of Florida drivers are either completely uninsured, or they are significantly underinsured.  Your attorney asks you if you have uninsured motorist coverage.  “Don’t worry”, you say.  “My insurance agent says I have full coverage.”

So, you call the agent, who tells you that you didn’t purchase uninsured motorist coverage.  “What’s that,” you ask. Your agent tells you that you decided that you did not want to pay the premiums for this insurance even though it insures you and your family in case you get hit by someone without insurance or who didn’t have enough. You were willing to take the risk to save money.

You’re shocked. “You thought you had FULL COVERAGE and that the risk was minimal.  It was not.

This is an all-too-common occurrence. We’ve seen it in death, severe personal injury and brain injury cases and, unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do to help these clients.  To properly protect yourself and your family, you must buy uninsured motorist coverage.  It will cover you if a drunk, distracted or just plain careless driver hits you or a family member who lives with you.  It will pay for the injury caused by someone else.


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