So your deposition is coming up. Here are five things you should know about your deposition.

  • Your attorney will be right next to you to protect you from any kind of improper conduct from the other side.
  • A deposition is a legal proceeding and it’s important. Dress respectfully. I sometimes say to people, dress like you are going to a religious service of some kind. Conservative. Clean.
  • If you don’t remember something during your deposition, just say “I don’t remember”. If you don’t know something just say “I don’t know”. There’s nothing wrong with that.
  • Be honest and don’t exaggerate. It’s very important that you speak honestly about what your injuries are and what they are not. Keep in mind the defense has your medical records and so they are going to know exactly what you complained of and didn’t complain of. So just be honest.
  • Be forthright about any prior accidents or injuries that you’ve had. Don’t pretend that you didn’t have them and don’t assume the defense won’t know about them. They will.

Beyond that, just keep in mind that a deposition is all about credibility. If you go in and you’re honest and you’re forthright and you do the best you can to testify in a straightforward manor, it will be just fine.