Cutler Rader prides itself on its strong working relationships with other law firms.

Whether a personal injury case is outside of your area of practice, the case is too complex, or you simply do not have the manpower to try the case, you may look to refer it out to another law firm. If you are looking to partner with lawyers that have the specialized knowledge, resources, and creativity necessary to help your clients maximize their recoveries, then call Cutler Rader today.

Following are some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive from our many trusted referring attorneys, along with our responses:

Do I stay involved in the case? If so, how much?

That is entirely up to you. At one end of the spectrum, there are some referring attorneys who prefer to take a hands-off approach. We provide them with periodic updates on the case, and that is the extent of their involvement. On the other hand, we can also act as co-counsel with another firm to augment their expertise and help them win a significant verdict for the client. Again, in most cases, the level of involvement is determined by the desires of the referring attorney.

What can I expect for a referral fee?

We typically follow the Florida Bar approved fee split of 25 percent for the referring attorney. In some cases, this could go up to 33 percent if the referring attorney stays highly involved in the case and its litigation. In this situation, a petition must be filed with the court to receive this increased amount.

Will my initial costs be reimbursed?

If you have been substantially working on the case before the referral, we do everything we can to reimburse you when the case closes. Both your and our fees and costs are paid out of the total recovery the client receives. Your portion of the fees and costs will be shown to the client on the settlement statement and paid at the close of the case. As in all cases, if there is no recovery, neither your firm nor Cutler Rader will be reimbursed for costs.

Does my case have a good chance of winning?

We evaluate each case on an individual basis. We give referring attorneys and clients our honest opinion of whether we believe a case has merit and if we believe that we are the right counsel for it. While we cannot guarantee results, if we believe that the case has merit, we will work tirelessly to do what we can to win it.

Do I need to place a lien on the case?

Absolutely not. When you refer a case to Cutler Rader, you are the referring attorney or co-counsel, not the prior attorney. You are welcome to remain as involved in the case as you would like. We will provide the client with a new retainer agreement, which will document your role in the case, as well as the fee-sharing arrangement that we have with you.

Why should I work with Cutler Rader?

We have successfully partnered with dozens of referring attorneys and paid out more than $1.5 million in referral fees over the last seven years. Some of our wins include:

  • A settlement for a client that was five times larger than the initial offer the referring attorney was able to secure.
  • A case we took from a $12,500 pre-suit offer to well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars at mediation.
  • A case where the attorney could not get beyond a $150K offer. Upon our filing a Notice of Appearance, the offer increased to $500,000. We settled the case for $700,000.
  • A low-value herniated disk case that we parlayed into a massive $2.9 Million settlement because of our deep knowledge of medication side effects. The attorney expected a $6,000 co-counsel fee. Imagine his surprise when we handed him a check for over $200,000!
  • We carry a limited caseload, but we work the cases we have fast and aggressively.
  • We are true trial attorneys, and the insurance companies know it.

As our results show, we are experts in winning large recoveries for clients. Insurance companies and their attorneys know a client means business when Cutler Rader is representing them. We can help you win big for the client.

How do I start the referral process?

Contact us at (954)-913-2273. We will start the process right away to make sure your client gets every penny they deserve.

Cutler Rader, P.L.

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