In a recent news article published by, Jeff Weinsier, an investigative reporter for channel 10, notes that because of car, truck, and SUV shortages many people are trying to buy out their leases only to find that they are faced with huge dealer fees and dealership demands that were not in the original contract. He interviewed several people that felt that they were taken advantage of by the dealerships they tried to buyout their leases from.

The people reported about in Mr. Weinsier’s story are not alone. Here at Cutler Rader, in just the past three months, we’ve had several calls from frustrated potential clients who feel like they are being charged either illegal dealer disposition fees, illegal lease buyout fees, hidden lease buyout fees, or illegal dealership fees that were not contained in their original agreements. We signed up two of these clients and within a short time were able to assist them with their buyout problems and convince the dealerships that they were not on sound legal footing to make our clients pay these extra charges.

If you feel like you are being ripped off by a dealership that you are trying to buy out your vehicle from by fees that are not included in your lease, give us a call. There are several options available including not just bringing legal action but also by filing consumer complaints to the local counties, or to the Florida Attorney General’s office, and the Division of Motorist Services.

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