On December 28, 2019, our 77-year-old client was a front seated passenger who was injured in a crash when she was hit in the face with an airbag at a high rate of speed. The crash was the result of negligence by both the driver of her vehicle and that of another car. She sustained an orbital fracture of her eye and a nose fracture. She also developed visual problems and double vision together with other orthopedic injuries. As a result of the crash, she is unable to drive and needed the service of an aide. The crash left her disfigured with scarring on her face and a nerve entrapment requiring future facial surgery and scar revision. Both drivers did not have adequate coverage to secure justice for the injuries she sustained, but the client had protected herself by purchasing both uninsured motorist and an umbrella policy. Cutler Rader was recently able to secure policy limits from all drivers and achieved a settlement for the client of $987,500.

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