Our client, a young man of 26 years, was a seat-belted driver, in the course and scope of his employment, when the at-fault driver collided into the rear of his vehicle forcing our client to collide into the rear of another vehicle. The impact was so severe that it further caused our client’s vehicle to swerve in a Southeasterly direction making him collide with another vehicle. This crash wound up being an eight-car collision. The client’s vehicle sustained both rear-end damage as well as a frontal impact and as a result he was exposed to several collision related injuries and significant property damage.

Immediately following the automobile accident, he lost consciousness, caused by a drop in his blood pressure (Syncope) and he was placed on a stretcher and transported by Fire Rescue to the hospital. He was complaining of headache, neck, back and foot pain. It was determined after careful examination and multiple diagnostic tests that he had suffered a concussion, left subclavian thrombosis of chest, cervical herniated disc at C6-7 and C7-T, neck pain and back pain. He was instructed to follow up with a neurosurgeon for further evaluation.

After extensive care, medical bills in excess of $75,000 and experiencing pain on a daily basis, he says that the pain started the night of the accident, and it has become a part of his everyday life. He wakes up every morning with neck and low back pain. He is uncomfortable sitting for very long and has to lay down in hopes of relieving his low back pain and he experiences pain while driving during his work and neck pain when reading. He was and is still, very active physically, but he has never experienced neck and the back pain prior to this incident, because before the accident he was pain free. Even though he was unable to go to therapy because of COVID, and thereafter made a great recovery, Cutler Rader was able to obtain a substantial 6 figure settlement for their young client.

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