You Only Pay When You Win

No business wants litigation. It is time consuming, aggravating and unpredictable. But most importantly, it is expensive. Still, most businesses have to pay an attorney because there is no other solution. Until now.

At Cutler Rader, our experienced litigators believe that you should only pay for results, which is why we handle these cases on a contingency basis. This means, we only get paid if we win. Our goals are not to bill as much time as we can, but rather get the best results for our client. Put another way, we only win when our clients win.

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Types of Business Litigation Cases

  • Employment Disputes

    Employment Disputes

    Lose out on a commission through the wrongful act of your employer? Have you seen a non-compete violated or had a former employee disparage the business you have worked so hard to build? Not looking to throw good money after bad and pay an attorney thousands of dollars just to get your case off the ground? Let the experienced and aggressive business attorneys of Cutler Rader get to work for you today. We handle many cases on a contingency basis, meaning our clients only pay for results.

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  • Business Torts

    Business Torts

    Business Torts

    Defrauded? Suffering from another’s bad faith in a business deal gone bad? Squeezed out of a commission you earned? Otherwise abused in a business relationship? Tired of paying an attorney hundreds of dollars an hour and seeing no results? Let the contingent fee business litigation lawyers at Cutler Rader get to work for you today. Our aggressive and experienced attorneys only get paid when you do, after your case has been successfully resolved! Call us today!

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  • Breach of Contract

    Breach of Contract

     If you have incurred damages as the result of a breach of contract, why add insult to injury by paying an attorney thousands of dollars just to get involved in the case? You would not even pay to have your hair cut before it’s done! Let the contingent fee business lawyers at Cutler Rader go to work for you today. We only make money if you do!

     One of the most common business disputes come from the breach of a contract. The contract is really the legal document that governs the relationship of the parties. If well-written, it also governs what happens in the event of a dispute or, phrased another way, what happens when a party fails to live up to their end of the bargain. That is where we come in.

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  • Business Interruption Claims

    Business Interruption Claims

    As governments have forced the closure of small businesses throughout the state during the Covid-19 pandemic, the economic impact upon these businesses has been catastrophic. Restaurants, retail stores, and companies of every kind are sadly folding every day. Business owners hoping to remain open have turned to their insurance carriers for these unexpected losses, only to see these claims quickly denied.

     Many business insurance policies include coverage for lost earnings due to disasters and related government shutdowns. This coverage, known as “Business Interruption” or “Civil Authority” coverage, is meant to help your business recover from these losses and keep its doors open. But today, facing the threat of paying out millions on legitimate claims after the government shut down businesses across the board, the insurance companies are refusing to pay what is owed to the owners of these businesses.

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