Common Accident Injuries Cases We Represent

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Common Injury Types from Accidents

  • Amputation Injury Lawyers

    Amputation Injury Lawyers

    Amputation injuries are, more often than not, significant, life changing and affect the victim’s overall quality of life profoundly. These injuries range from loss of a finger or multiple fingers to arm and leg amputations. Regardless of the degree of injury, amputees are entitled to compensation for both the physical and emotional toll an amputation injury causes.

    Many amputations can be treated with modern medicine by providing prosthetic limbs and in some cases reattachment. However, despite regaining some use, amputees are still entitled to compensation for pain and suffering. In addition to the traumatic experience of the injuries, amputees will need compensation for the lifetime management of injuries. This includes prosthetics costs, possible infection treatment costs, lost wages, quality of life items and possible hospitalization.

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  • Broken Bones Injury Lawyers

    Broken Bones Injury Lawyers

    Breaking a bone may seem like as common an injury as stubbing your toe; the truth is, not all broken bones are the same. Some fractures are relatively simple and heal easily; others may affect organs or other parts of the body leading to life-long disability. In situations such as auto accidents, the victim can suffer a wide range of broken bones from fingers and toes, to arms and legs or much more serious bone fractures such as a skull fracture, a broken pelvis and cracked vertebra or even more severe spine injuries.

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  • Back Injuries Lawyers

    Back Injuries Lawyers

    Back injuries can lead to chronic pain issues, sleepless nights, loss of mobility and a host of other issues. The back contains the central nervous system of your entire body and is comprised of many nerves, vertebra, discs and bones that control your arms, shoulders, legs, hands and all other functions of your body. Any trauma incurred to the back should be taken very seriously and with the utmost precaution immediately following an accident. If you have suffered any level of back injury, you should see a doctor as soon as possible for a complete exam including x-rays and suggested treatment options.

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  • Cuts &  Lacerations

    Cuts & Lacerations

    Lacerations or cuts to the skin, may be superficial or deep. Scarring may occur which, if on the face, hand or part of the body where skin moves a lot (for example, the palm), may be psychologically or functionally devastating.

    It is easy to understand how a single deep penetrating laceration can be life threatening, but incidents that cause lacerations may not be isolated to just one or two cuts. In fact, many lacerations include multiple cuts that can range in severity, (such as when a windshield shatters into the face); some of which can pose significant injuries which can affect the victim’s overall health in both the short-term and long-term. More often than not, these wounds will require professional medical attention ranging from plastic surgery, to treatment for further nerve and/or ligament damage.

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  • Paraplegia/Quadriplegia Injury Lawyers

    Paraplegia/Quadriplegia Injury Lawyers

    Paraplegic / Quadriplegic Injury Lawyers

    Injuries that cause the victim to suffer Paraplegia (loss of the use of limbs/extremities below the waist) and or Quadriplegia (losing the use of limbs/extremities below the neck) are typically the result of traumatic damage to the spinal cord and spinal tissue. These injuries are not only devastating to the victim and their loved ones; paraplegia and quadriplegia can be life threatening in the most extreme cases.

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  • Neck Injuries

    Neck Injuries

    Just like back injuries, neck injuries can lead to chronic pain issues, sleepless nights, loss of mobility and a host of other issues. Also, just like back injuries, neck injuries range in the level of severity from muscle strains to cervical spine injuries in the vertebrae that can lead to chronic life-long pain. One of the most common types of neck trauma sustained during vehicle accidents is whiplash. Whiplash is forceful, rapid back-and-forth movement on the neck that can lead to severe muscle pain in the neck and shoulders, vertigo, dizziness, headaches, muscle spasms, sleep disorders and other nerve injuries.

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  • Reproductive & Fertility Injuries

    Reproductive & Fertility Injuries

    It is devastating to learn that your dream of starting or expanding your family is not an option. This becomes even more painful if the loss is due to the result of someone else’s negligence. Reproductive injuries resulting in trauma caused by an accident or medical malpractice are more common than most people think.

    Trauma suffered by a physical injury can lead to permanent dysfunction of the genitals and reproductive organs in both men and women. Men can suffer issues such as erectile dysfunction of the penis or severe trauma to testicles which can lead to sterilization. Women can suffer sever uterine, ovarian and vaginal trauma which can lead to infertility.

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