• Personal Injury

      When you are injured through the carelessness of others, you are entitled to full and fair payment for the harms and losses you suffer. Whether you are the victim of a car accident, slip and fall or negligent security, the best way to obtain that justice is by hiring an attorney with the skills and experience to fight for your rights.

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    • Medical Malpractice

      Doctors are not perfect. They make mistakes like everyone else. Sometimes these mistakes and betrayals of trust committed by a medical provider can have disastrous consequences. That is never okay, and they should be held accountable for their actions like everyone else. At Cutler Rader, we can do that.

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    • Business Litigation

      At Cutler Rader, we handle business litigation on CONTINGENCY. This means, unlike most other attorneys that charge an exorbitant hourly fee whether you win or lose, we only make money when we win. We aggressively handle our business litigation cases and see them through to our clients’ satisfaction, getting them the results they deserve.

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Personal Injury Cases

Accidents Happen. When They Do, We Make
Sure the At-Fault Party is Held Responsible

At Cutler Rader, we never like to see people get injured. But we know it happens. And when it does, we want to make sure the victims get the justice they deserve. Call 954-913-2273 to take your first step on the path to justice.

Medical Malpractice Cases

We Strive to Hold Doctors & Nurses
Accountable When They Make a Mistake

Doctors and nurses carry a responsibility to use reasonable care in the treatment of their patients. If they do not and the patient is harmed, the doctor, nurse, or treatment facility is responsible for the damages they caused.

The attorneys of Cutler Rader have handled hundreds of physician and nursing malpractice cases, and have recovered millions of dollars for the victims of medical and nursing carelessness. Call 954-913-2273 today.

Business Litigation Cases On Contingency

You Only Pay for Good Results

No business wants litigation. It is time consuming, aggravating and unpredictable. But most importantly, it is expensive. Still, most businesses have to pay an attorney because there is no other solution. Until now.

At Cutler Rader, our experienced litigators believe that you should only pay for results, which is why we handle these cases on a contingency basis. This means, we only get paid if we win. Our goals are not to bill as much time as we can, but rather get the best results for our client. Put another way, we only win when our clients win. Call 954-913-2273 today.