Nursing Care Negligence

A doctor or nurse has a responsibility to use reasonable care in the treatment of his patients. If he does not, and the patient is harmed, the doctor is responsible for the damages he caused.

We go to doctors to get better, not to be made worse because the doctor or nurse handled your care incompetently. Doctors and nurses swear to “Do No Harm.” Unfortunately, sometimes they cause more harm than good.
The attorneys of CUTLERRADER have handled hundreds of physician and nursing malpractice cases, and have recovered millions of dollars for the victims of medical and nursing carelessness.

When you have Cutler Rader, P.L. on your side, you know you’re getting outstanding representation. Call today. 954-913-CASE (2273). JUSTICE SERVED!

Cutler Rader, PL handles medical and nursing negligence claims including medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, dangerous drugs and more.


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