The last few months have been difficult for all of us. The Coronavirus and the shutdown have greatly affected our worlds and has impacted every one of us. Now, as the restrictions are eased by the local, state and federal governments – whether you agree they should be or not – we must all learn how to safely leave our homes and reintegrate into society. While wearing face masks, washing hands and keeping social distance remain vitally important to prevent you from getting sick, we offer some tips to keep you from getting injured.

Pay attention to your surroundings. As people begin leaving their homes for the first time in months, they will be easily excited and distracted. While driving, people will be looking at sights all around them, remembering places they have longed to go. It is when you take your eyes off the road ahead of you, even for a second, that a car accident can and will happen. You have likely spent countless hours on your smartphone over the past few months. When in the car, put your phone down. Keep your focus where it needs to be; on the road ahead of you.

Walking in stores will be more dangerous as well. People will be excited to see friends they have not seen in person in months. Shoppers will be staring into store windows and gazing up and down aisles looking for items to buy. Store employees will be hurriedly running from the back to restock shelves. With all of this commotion and excitement, it will be easy to miss seeing a spill on the floor ahead of you or some other dangerous condition. Make sure to take your time and watch where you are walking.

Avoid confrontation and practice kindness. In any time of great stress, there is an uptick of violent crime. Simple disagreements boil over and turn into heated fights or even riots. You never know who that person next to you is, what they have been through or what is going to set them off. Is that last package of chicken thighs or toilet paper worth getting into a physical altercation over? If someone is not adhering to social distancing guidelines and making you uncomfortable, it is probably more prudent to just take a few steps away yourself rather than calling him out on it. Similarly, if you happen to do something that accidentally offends another, don’t fight about it. Just apologize, admit they were right and move on. Kindness matters.

Take your time. Recognize that the world hast kept moving despite our being homebound. The world will also keep moving if you are not the first in line at the grocery store or coffee shop. As exciting as it may be to “get back to normal,” understand that everyone is in the same boat as you. Slow down and take your time. We will all get to where we are going and get done what we need to do. If you stop at the red light, you may not get to the store before it closes, but you can always go tomorrow. If you rush and run the red light, you might not get to the store. Ever.

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