Person With Catastrophic Injuries

Nothing destroys a life, and the lives of loved ones, like a catastrophic injury. These are injuries where someone’s life is completely and horribly changed because someone else was careless. What may have started as a normal day turns out to be a day where everything is turned into a nightmare. The pain, uncertainty, medical bills and lost earnings do not begin to describe the devastation created by a catastrophic injury.

The attorneys of Cutler Rader understand the financial and emotional tolls these injuries take. For that reason, we devote ourselves entirely to seeking justice for our clients, and in the case of law, that means (and there’s no other way to put this) money. Money to pay for mounting medical bills. Money to compensate for the earnings the victim can no longer earn. Money to pay for the thousands of little expenses, such as a housekeeper, aide or other assistant to do the things the victim can no longer do. Money to attempt to compensate the victim for the losses that money cannot compensate- the pain, emotional scarring and loss of enjoyment of one’s life.

When you have Cutler Rader, P.L. on your side, you know you’re getting outstanding representation. Call today. 954-913-CASE (2273). JUSTICE SERVED!

Cutler Rader, PL handles catastrophic injury claims for a variety of incidents including brain trauma, birth injuries, burns, spinal cord injuries, wrongful death and injury related accidents including:


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