Businessmen that cannot come to an agreement

The attorneys of Cutler Rader, PL are litigators. We have been in the courtroom trenches for decades, fighting for our clients and recovering millions of dollars for them. We have handled all types of litigations, from failure to pay commissions, to partnership disputes, to breaches of contract.

We understand how to wage legal war, but we are also aware that for businesses the best solution may be a business one. Our adversary today may be our partner tomorrow, and vice-versa. Good business requires that disputes be handled efficiently and cost-effectively, so that (to coin a phrase), the business can get back to the business of Business.

At Cutler Rader, PL, we will at times handle a business dispute on contingency. This means that we don’t get paid our fee unless we win.

When you have Cutler Rader, P.L. on your side, you know you’re getting outstanding representation. Call today. 954-913-CASE (2273). JUSTICE SERVED!

Cutler Rader, PL handles disputes ranging in a wide scope of business-related issues on a contingency basis.  These disputes include commission disputes, breach of contract, partnership disputes and much more.


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