Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Though many think that sexual assault must include a physical act, recent stories like those of Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein have helped us to understand that this serious crime comes in many different forms. This April, Sexual Assault Awareness Month is focused on building safe online spaces, where many sexual predators lurk unchecked. Sexual Learn More “Sexual Assault Awareness Month”

What If the Police/Accident Report Contains Wrong Information? Does It Hurt My Case?

What is a Police or Accident Report? If you have been in an automobile accident before, you may be familiar with a police report. A police or accident report is an account of the accident conducted by the officer who arrives on the scene. The report contains vital information including details about the accident, potential Learn More “What If the Police/Accident Report Contains Wrong Information? Does It Hurt My Case?”

In Jacob’s Shoes

In Jacob’s Shoes, a 501(c)(3) public charitable organization run by Harlene and Murray Zweig, their family, and incredible volunteers who help provide shoes, backpacks, school supplies, and athletic gear to South Florida children in need so they can go to school prepared and with dignity. Grants are also awarded for camp, aftercare, athletic and enrichment programs for children in need.

Recently, Ken Cutler was awarded the “Community Leadership Award” at the 9th Annual Dinner & Auction “Every Sole Counts” for In Jacobs’s Shoes, and subsequently, Cutler Rader launched a back-to-school drive to collect much-needed supplies over the summer in both the Coconut Creek and Deerfield Beach offices.