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Automobile Accidents / Car Crashes

Auto accidents are as common as they are devastating. Approximately 40,000 people are killed each year in vehicular crashes and accidents in the United States. In 2016, it is estimated that 4.6 million people were injured in a car accident. People who have experienced car accidents have noted how abruptly it happens, how violent the crash feels and how utterly powerless they felt while their vehicle careened out of control. Of those who do live to speak about it, the devastating and life-long injuries that one can suffer at the hands of a careless driver are indescribable.

At Cutler Rader, we are dedicated to helping the victims of a car crash or accident recover substantial amounts of money to help them get their lives back on track. We recommend you pursue a vehicle accident claim soon after your automobile wreck as there are certain time limitations on how long you have to file a claim.

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Some of the prior automobile accident and car crash verdicts and settlements handled by Mr. Cutler and/or Mr. Rader:

$2,975,000 combined settlement

$2,975,000 combined settlement for a woman who suffered a worsening (exacerbation) of a painful back from an automobile accident. As a result of the pain, she underwent standard epidural steroid injections. In an unusual and unpredictable reaction, the injections caused her adrenal glands to stop producing natural steroids, which meant that she had to go on steroid replacement therapy. This resulted in significant weight gain, the possibility of immune compromise, and other medical issues. This case exemplifies how Cutler Rader’s research and knowledge of medicine can allow us to find – and recover for- hidden areas of damages for our clients.

$1,000,000 + verdict: rear end auto accident

$1,000,000 + verdict: rear end auto accident. Plaintiff suffered one-level disk herniation and underwent three epidural injections. Insurance company, which at first only risked a $10,000 policy, initially they tried to low-ball us with only a $600 offer. But through painstaking investigation, aggressive discovery techniques, novel and creative trial arguments and the power of thoughtful persuasion, the jury returned what we believe is the highest verdict in Florida history for similar facts and damages.

$880,000 rear-end collision of physician requiring cervical disk fusion

$880,000 rear-end collision of a physician who required a cervical disk fusion. Through painstaking and meticulous evaluation of her patient appointments over a course of years (all patient identifying information redacted), we were able to present a very substantial lost earnings claim.

$700,000 settlement

$700,000 settlement for a woman involved in a rollover crash where she sustained multiple orthopedic injuries and needed internal repairs to her spleen after being forced off a highway by another car.

We have resolved many other cases well in access of 100K


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