DEERFIELD BEACH, FL (July 31, 2014) — Plaintiffs’ personal injury law firm Cutler Rader announced today that it has settled a medically complicated and serious automobile accident cases on behalf of one of its clients for a total of $2,975,000.

While the settlement agreement requires that the parties remain confidential, Andrew Rader, the lead counsel for the plaintiff, described the case as follows:

The 44 year old female plaintiff suffered herniated disks in a 2007 accident.  The plaintiff participated in physical therapy and, eventually, underwent epidural steroid injections.  Approximately nine months after the accident, she was diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency.  “Adrenal insufficiency”, explained Rader, “involves the body not producing enough steroid hormones, which leads to conditions such as weight gain, varying blood pressure, fatigue, immune compromise and osteoporosis.”  Although not initially diagnosed by the plaintiff’s doctors, Rader’s own research showed that the adrenal insufficiency most likely resulted from the steroid injections.  “Unfortunately”, said Rader, “the plaintiff suffered a rare and idiosyncratic reaction to a standard and common treatment- steroid injections.”

Rader’s explanation was eventually adopted by the defense endocrinology expert, which paved the way to settlement.  He added that “because the adrenal insufficiency could be related back to treatment for injuries suffered in the accident, the defendant was responsible to compensate for it.”

Rader admits that, “it is unusual to have an automobile accident case where the injuries are not about broken bones or herniated vertebral disks.  Still, it’s our job to put all of the pieces of the medical picture together so that we fully understand our clients’ plight, we can figure out what caused it, and we can properly and zealously represent them.”

Rader said that he was pleased with the settlement, but added that he was saddened because the large settlement “won’t bring back my client’s good health or her ability to enjoy her life as she did.  That”, he said, “no amount of money can do.”

Mr. Rader, a Martindale-Hubbell AV rated attorney, is a partner at Cutler Rader, P.L. in Deerfield Beach where he represents people and their families in personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice and defective product cases.

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