Assaults and Negligent Security

In today’s dangerous times, businesses should take reasonable measures to prevent you from becoming a victim of a crime. Surveillance cameras, premium locks and appropriate security can help prevent a crime. As it may be perceived to be bad for business to tell customers about crimes in the business’ neighborhood, some businesses may try to appear to be safe when they know their customers are at risk. Even so, businesses should take steps to lessen the risk to customers. We have handled several cases involving broken locks, unmanned monitoring systems, inadequate amount of security guards or bouncers, and many more causes of preventable crime.

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Some of the prior Assaults and Negligent Security Verdicts and Settlements handled by Mr. Cutler and/or Mr. Rader:

$582,602 verdict

$582,602 Verdict for the male victim of a sexual assault and pistol whipping injuries in a stairwell at his workplace. The victim was using a stairwell leading to a second floor bridge across the parking lot to his offices early in the morning when he was assaulted by two unidentified males. The owners of the building had several cameras in the parking lot area but none in the stairwell and none of the camera views were monitored by security even though there had been multiple crimes in and around the property in the past. After the case was over, the defendant used several of our security expert’s opinions to make the property a safer place for tenants and guests.

$395,000 settlement

$395,000 settlement for a process server who was attacked at an apartment complex by unknown assailants after he had performed his services. The client sustained facial lacerations, a back injury, and complications to his knee that required surgery. The case was settled after it was determined that there were 152 crimes on that property in a two year period The property management decided to hire security only five out of seven days to save money.


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