Boat Accident

Boat Accidents

In 2014, the Coast Guard counted 4,064 accidents that involved 610 deaths, 2,678 injuries and approximately $39 million dollars of property damage as a result of recreational boating accidents, according to US Coast Guard’s Boating Safety Division. Whether these accidents occur on speedboats, jet skis, party boats, cruise ships or other privately owned vessels, boating accidents have the potential to cause major injuries or fatalities. Boating injuries usually occur because of a reckless or careless operator, operating a boat under the influence, boat malfunction, or an inexperienced operator.

Boating Accident Top 10 Counties in Florida:

Monroe: 100

Miami-Dade: 81

Pinellas: 49

Palm Beach: 49

Okaloosa: 31

Broward: 30

Brevard: 29

Lee: 28

Collier: 24

Hillsborough: 16

Similar to car accidents, notify authorities whenever someone has been injured in a boat accident.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a boating accident, please contact us at (954) 913-CASE (2273) for your complimentary consultation.

Do YOU know what to do if you are in a boat accident?


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